Wall of Art

Wall of Art is a Friends of Hazelhurst art exhibition in Sutherland Library. Friends of Hazelhurst appreciates the ongoing support and collaboration with Sutherland Council Library.

The 2019 Wall of Art artists included Angela Illiadis in April, Geraldine Taylor in June, Deanna Schreiber (Aunty Dea) in August and Kylie George as the final featured artist in November. Both Geraldine Taylor and Deanna Schreiber were also guest speakers at Friends of Hazelhurst Morning Teas in June and August respectively. 

Wall of Art continues to support, inspire and encourage art in our community. We look forward to more ways to share and communicate varied artistic works and ideas. 


If you would like to make a submission to be included in the 2020 Wall of Art Friends of Hazelhurst Exhibitions at Sutherland Library please contact Jullette on 0417218857.