Friends on Show

Video: Compilation of Friends on Show 2019 works and exhibition opening. Video Production: Video created by Caroline McIntyre with iMovie. Music credit: Daniel McIntyre.

Friends on Show has now wrapped for 2019!

This year’s exhibition was a fantastic success, with almost 100 artists exhibiting and a quarter of the exhibited works sold. The diversity and quality of work was exceptional and as our guest speaker, Kon Gouriotis OAM, mentioned in his speech, “Every artist should be very proud to be hung in this beautiful space.”

The local arts community came together to celebrate our collective passion for art at the exhibition opening, with 250 artists, guests and Friends attending and Belinda Hanrahan, Director of Hazelhurst Arts Centre, saying, “Friends on Show is one of the great moments of the year.”

A big thank you to our special guest, Kon Gouriotis OAM, who is currently the Editor of Artist Profile, an independent visual arts curator and writer. Kon gave a wonderful speech at the exhibition opening and asked us to reflect on the notion of gift, saying, “Don’t underestimate the gift you give back to the community. Every artwork does impact on other people’s lives. In that little moment, when you don’t think what you create is important, the gift you are giving to others by creating an object does resonate beyond your time and space.”

Thank you also to Belinda Hanrahan, the Director of Hazelhurst Arts Centre, as well as the Friends of Hazelhurst volunteers, who make this annual exhibition possible. Being a non-profit organisation, run by volunteers, Friends of Hazelhurst understand the importance of giving to the community and Friends on Show was a great celebration of this.

Information for Friends on Show 2020 applications will become available on this page in early 2020. 

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