Wall of Art

Image courtsey of Jani Nanavati. “Underwater Nightlife” acrylic paint and recycled foils on canvas, 45cm x 45cm

The Wall of Art is an art exhibition displayed in the Sutherland Library on the Southern Wall in the events and study room. The philosophy behind such an exhibition is to encourage an appreciation and inspire art in the community.


The Friends of Hazelhurst together with the Sutherland Shire Library Services offer Friends’ members the opportunity to exhibit their artworks for 2 months.


Image: ‘Making Way’ (detail), by Artist Michael Dunn

The 2018 Wall of Art artists included Janelle Langridge in May, Tanner Tan in July, Michael Dunn in September and Jani Nanavati in November. Artist Jani Nanavati was also a guest speaker at the Friends of Hazelhurst Morning Tea in November.
Overall a wonderful year for Wall of Art with varied and inspirational artworks by exhibitors for the community.

If you would like to make a submission to be included in the 2019 Wall of Art Friends of Hazelhurst Exhibitions at Sutherland Library please contact Jullette on 0417218857.