Wall of Art

The Friends of Hazelhurst together with the Sutherland Shire Library Services offer Friends’ members the opportunity to exhibit their artworks in the Southern Lounge of the Sutherland Library. This is a great opportunity to exhibit your work in a  public open spaces for 2 months.

DURING SEPTEMBER artist Michael Patrick Dunn is exhibiting his works at the library. Michael describes his work as follows:

“I have always been close to nature from a very young age with a love of fine Arts. Perhaps it is the landscape I have grown up in, Oatley, where my studio resides, that helps me present the beauty and the connected-ness that I see in every aspect of nature. Self-taught from a young age, with many years of experience, I have found acrylic on board panels to be my chosen medium. I work traditionally in my studio so that the light is consistent with a variety of subjectsfrom landscapes, seascapes, heraldry, science fiction, medieval,historical events – all chosen with inspiration from travel & lifeexperiences balancing the two very different worlds of past & present”.


DURING NOVEMBER artist Jani Nanavati is exhibiting her works at the library.

Image courtesy Jani Nanavati. “Red Earth Rush Hour” acrylic paint and recycled foils on canvas, 61cm x 61cm

Jani was born in Germany and grew up in Maschen, a rural area just South of Hamburg.  Her first “art teachers” were her parents who both loved to draw and paint. Her dad did oil colour landscapes and her mum used mainly ink and watercolours to paint plants and animals. There was always plenty of painting material around for Jani to use and experiment with. Music also played an important part in her life with her learning the violin from the age of 6 and the odd piano lesson later on in life.

Jani has very fond memories of her small village primary school where there was a strong emphasis to explore the environment through drawing with regular excursions into the surrounding fields and forest to collect plant materials to study. Every year at Christmas the headmaster invited senior citizens to socialize with the students and also to sit for the students to practice portrait drawing which started Jani’s desire to try and capture people through sketching.

At the age of 14 Jani spent a few months on a farm in Scotland, attending school in Golspie. The art teacher there was very supportive of her passion for drawing and gave her lots of additional exercises and challenges which were very valuable for improving her skills. As a teenager she found some silk painting materials at the local art shop in Maschen and started to experiment with them. The vibrant silk colours sparked her lifelong passion for this medium.

Image courtesy of Jani Nanavai. “Autum Birches” acrylic paint and recycled foils on canvas, 50cm x 76cm

Art, Maths and Science were her favourite subjects all the way through high school and it wasn’t easy to decide which path to take after school. Jani got accepted to study Medicine at Hamburg University. Her spare time she spent painting and also playing the violin in various amateur orchestras. During her six year medical course she spent some time at Prince Henry/ Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney where she met her now husband. After graduating from Medicine in Germany, Jani moved to Sydney. When her first son was born she stopped working in medicine to look after the family.

Jani loves to experiment with different art media and learn new techniques. As her two boys have now grown up she has more time to dedicate to her art. She has attended a range of short courses including life drawing, botanical watercolours and glass work. Apart from classes, Jani enjoys to learn by using different media and observing what is possible. Each medium being a teacher in its own right. A lot of her work is done in mixed media and she often uses recycled foils, papers and fabrics in her works. But she also loves to use pencils, pastels, watercolour and oil.

Painting and drawing is her way to process her life experiences and emotions. She has been inspired by the landscapes, plants and animals of both Australia and Europe. Other influences in her art are her dad’s oil landscapes, her mum’s watercolour/ ink paintings, Franz Marc, August Macke, Hundertwasser and music, in particular the composers Chopin, Bach, Liszt, Satie, Beethoven and Rachmaninoff. She also finds inspiration in any coloured material that can be incorporated into her artwork.

Jani has exhibited at the Tap Gallery The Real Refuse group art show in 2013, the Pyrmont Art Prize in 2013 (third prize) and 2014 and the St George Art Society Annual Art Show in 2017.

Image courtesy of Jani Nanavati. “Underwater Nightlife” acrylic paint and recycled foils on canvas, 45cm x 45cm


Space in now available in 2019 so don’t miss out on this great opportunity. For more info on Wall of Art contact Jullette on 0417218857