Renaissance Italian artists revolutionised how we depict the world around us, and their inventions, such as linear perspective, became part and parcel of the western artist’s armoury. Join Dr Nick Gordon as he reveals how Renaissance artists used geometry to see the world afresh, and explores their legacy in the works of modern artists such a Cezanne and Jeff Smart.

Nick Gordon holds a University Medal and a PhD in European history, has run numerous art history courses in Sydney and Melbourne. His academic knowledge is complemented by the practical experience of how art is made and how artists learn as he is an artist himself. Nick leads tours to Italy, Scandinavia and develops contemporary art tours for Academy Travel.

Page 3 The geometry in Titian's Pesaro Altarpiece in the Frari, Venice.
Image Caption: The geometry in Titian’s Pesaro Altarpiece in the Frari, Venice.

When:  Saturday 17th March     Time: 2:30pm
Where:  Hazelhurst Theatrette
Cost:  $5.00 FOH; Non-members $10

Book now on 8536 5700 or at Art Centre Reception